Terminal Window

April 13th, 2015

Terminal Window @ Culture Catalyst

Culture Catalyst, curated by Jacquelyn Connolly, celebrates 20 years of art at Denver International Airport. Through March 8th, 2015. "Culture Catalyst features historical elements reflecting the ground-breaking inaugural collection at Denver International Airport, new temporary commissions in celebration of twenty years of cultural impact and a sneak peak of what lies ahead for the fifth busiest airport in North America."

My work, "Terminal Window", was commissioned for the exhibition and features a custom-built LED screen which displays video collected from hundreds of short movie clips shot on my cell-phone boarding and exiting aircraft over a 5 year period. The low-resolution, diffused imagery is reminiscent of jet-lag, the blurred memories of too many terminals, and the dream-like quality of the window seat. The photos here give some indiation of the build of the screen. Constructed from reclaimed hardwood flooring boards that I assembled and re-finished, fitted with a 16 by 32 RGB LED array. This is all driven from an Arduino Teensy which allows me to stream from an attached Mac mini at native USB speeds which greatly increases the framerate. The whole thing is remotely managed so I can swap out videos etc. without having to be onsite. The "screen itself is 1/4 white acrylic, and the LEDs are powered by a 350watt 5-volt dedicated supply.

The exhibit is at the McNichols Building located at 144 W. Colfax Avenue on the 3rd floor, and runs through March 8, 2015, with multiple events planned to celebrate the exhibition. More info...