September 9th, 2014


My video "Weld" was selected for a commission for the Denver Theatre District's "Friday Flash" series of outdoor big screen events. The events ran through the summer and culminated with the showing of the commissioned works on September 19th, 2014. The works are shown on the exterior LED screen of the Denver Convention Center on the corner of 14th and Champa.

Weld is constructed using high-speed industrial machine vision technology from IO Industries. The material is sourced from approx. 1100 fps video capture of a MIG Welder and then processed using software that generates a 3D mesh and height map based on the luminance of the image. The result is pretty interesting. I liked how it began to resemble a naturalistic kind of mythic landscape, volcanic, primordial, epic. I crafted a soundscape to match this feeling, and in the end layered on top what I thought of as a kind of Frippertronics inspired over the top epicosity thing.

This year works were also selected from Laleh Mehran, Evan Mann, Jeff Jurich, Katie Torn, Jeremy Couillard and Barry Whittaker. On September 19th the work was played with a big sound system and there was a big party on the corner outside there, with drink specials and what-not. The final works can be seen on-line at the Denver Digerati website.