Lights on State @FEED Media Art Center

Lights on State is a single channel, 8 projector installation featuring a capture of a live visual music work. This was installed on Floor 2-West, 3-West and 3-West … Read more

Constructive Interference at Emmanuel Gallery

Constructive Interference is an interactive audiovisual installation / performance created by David Fodel and Paco Proano. This version was installed at the Emmanuel Gallery in Denver from August … Read more

City of Lafayette Artist Series

I was selected by the City of Lafayette to be profiled for their Artist Series which highlights the practice of individual artists who are based in Lafayette, Colorado.

Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival 2021

For LEAF 2021, I was commissioned for an outdoor projection on a 690 foot outdoor wall, located in Lafayette, Colorado USA. Audio was listenable via low-power broadcast radio … Read more

Teaching Projection Mapping

Triboro Projection Mapping Project: RMCAD Motion Class Spring 2011, Communication Design Program, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Instructor: David Fodel For this project, students explored the … Read more

ISEA 2012

Some brief documentation of our 8 hour performance / interactive installation as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We transformed … Read more

Teaching Projection Mapping

This was the final project for a class I taught at UC Denver, in the Fall of 2012. We called it Tower of Babel, and it was a … Read more


Documentation (excerpt) for the performance on june 14th outside at the corner of 14th and Champa in Denver, CO. crowd>control :: david fodel and paco proano crowd>control playfully … Read more


Nimitta by david fodel; sound by paco proano A realtime animation work that mainfests according to a predetermined set of relationships between sonic and computational processes, but which … Read more

Channel at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Channel is a hybrid artwork that enacts the process of interpretation, playing with the gaps between experience, measurement and representation. In installation mode the synchronized audiovisual patterns are … Read more

Pattern Language live at OtterBox Digital Dome

This work combines a self-built opto-mechanical sequencer inspired by Leon Theremin’s work on the Rhythmicon from the early part of the 20th century, with Steve Reich’s composition Piano … Read more

ISEA 2016 Open Sky Project- Hong Kong

Shown throughout May and June 2016 as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art, in Hong Kong. Video and sound by David Fodel. Original footage shot in … Read more

Supply Chain: Vertical Integration

Supply Chain: Vertical Integration is a sculptural work using re-purposed pharmaceutical glass vials, and animated LEDs. The work examines the heightened awareness of the global supply chain due … Read more