Category: Video Art

Lights on State @FEED Media Art Center

Lights on State is a single channel, 8 projector installation featuring a capture of a live visual music work. This was installed on Floor 2-West, 3-West and 3-West … Read more


Documentation (excerpt) for the performance on june 14th outside at the corner of 14th and Champa in Denver, CO. crowd>control :: david fodel and paco proano crowd>control playfully … Read more


Nimitta by david fodel; sound by paco proano A realtime animation work that mainfests according to a predetermined set of relationships between sonic and computational processes, but which … Read more

Pattern Language live at OtterBox Digital Dome

This work combines a self-built opto-mechanical sequencer inspired by Leon Theremin’s work on the Rhythmicon from the early part of the 20th century, with Steve Reich’s composition Piano … Read more

ISEA 2016 Open Sky Project- Hong Kong

Shown throughout May and June 2016 as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art, in Hong Kong. Video and sound by David Fodel. Original footage shot in … Read more

Watercolor on Daniels & Fisher Clocktower in Denver

Watercolor is a single channel outdoor projection piece based on the movement of water. Watercolor was premiered in July of 2020, projected on the historic Daniels and Fisher … Read more

Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival 2021

For LEAF 2021, I was commissioned for an outdoor projection on a 690 foot outdoor wall, located in Lafayette, Colorado USA. Audio was listenable via low-power broadcast radio … Read more