Channel at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Channel is a hybrid artwork that enacts the process of interpretation, playing with the gaps between experience, measurement and representation.

In installation mode the synchronized audiovisual patterns are driven by recorded EEG data from a person experiencing an epileptic seizure. As one moves closer to the artwork, the resulting sound and rhythm are altered.

In performance mode, utilizing the instrumental capacity of the work, the artists manipulate generative realtime data into unique audiovisual sequences and patterns.

Channel, 2012
(interactive installation; corrugated polycarbonate panels, LEDs, custom electronics and software, EEG seizure data, loudspeakers)
Special Thanks:
Science Consultant, Dr. Ralph G. Andrzejak, Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Fabrication Support, Adam Felgemaker
Audio Support, PS Audio, Inc.