Teaching Projection Mapping

Triboro Projection Mapping Project: RMCAD Motion Class Spring 2011, Communication Design Program, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Instructor: David Fodel

For this project, students explored the technique of projection mapping using the facade of the Triboro building on the campus of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. The building houses the school’s library. The tools we used were After Effects, Photoshop, VDMX and a primitive Quad Mapping tool built in Quartz Composer. We performed the work on the night of graduation in the Spring of 2011. There was a pretty large and receptive audience and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. We had a nice sound system set-up too. The loose theme of the work was transportation, migration and growth. The first part of the presentation was a collaborative effort, with each student focusing on a specific set of features within the facade. The second part has each student working with the whole facade using a musical selection of their choice.
Students in order of appearance: Kyle Warfield, Andrew Solano, Jesse Knapper, Patrick Vinson, Sean Serafini, Jared Brown.