Craft Tech, Coded Media

October 3rd, 2013

Craft Tech, Coded Media: Women, Art & Technology at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

I served as technical consultant and installation technician for all of the tech-based works on display for this wonderful show:

Craft Tech, Coded Media: Women, Art & Technology curated by Deanne Pytlinski, Ph.D., Metropolitan State University of Denver
for Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

October 3, 2013- January 26, 2014.

Exhibiting artists:

Krysten Cunningham
Susan Hazaleus
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Barbara Hlali
Beryl Korot
Kelly Monico
Marina Zurkow

Craft Tech / Coded Media: Women, Art and Technology critically examines the role of gender in technology through the lens of contemporary women artists. In the twenty-first century as digital media increasingly permeates every level of our lives, what is the relationship between gender and technology? Is our period one of utopian embrace of social networks, enabled by technology? What is the relationship of the body to technology? This exhibition continues an examination of gendered frameworks for technology and art in the 21st century, and will include art by women who engage in and ultimately challenge the uncritical celebration of utopian claims for benevolent globalized technologies.

The exhibition includes historically significant artists from the first generation of video art as well as emerging artists responding to the latest articulation of a widespread media consciousness. It focuses on artists who specifically subvert a masculinist bias in technology and science. The subversion may be through an overtly “feminized” technology or a critique of the forms of power supported by technology.

Image: Beryl Korot, Yellow Water Taxi, 2003, video still, single channel video, 2 min, stereo sound, Edition of 10 (detail)